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Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL)
The Ministry of Finance granted KGI the approval to conduct securities borrowing and lending business on February 26, 1999. We are the first broker acting as a principal and agent assisting stock lenders (normally institutional investors) and all types of clients. This service will allow the lender to create a return enhancement with an over collateralized while the borrower can do short-selling for both hedging and speculative purposes.

Institutional Clients Individual Clients
Stock Borrower Stock Borrower
Stock Lender Stock Lender

Individual Client as a Stock Borrower

Account Opening Stock Available for Borrowing * Borrowing Period
Cash Account

Credit Balance (CB) Account

Stock Borrowing and Lending (SBL) Account
Local Common Stocks in SET100 Index


Components of ETF

Not more than 1 year
* Subject to Company Announcement

In CB account, Rate follows Company Announcement

Corporate Actions (XD, XR and XM)  
XD: KGI will inform client to return shares before XD date. if client doesnt want to return, client is obligated to compensate the full dividend amount to KGI.
XR and XM: KGI may recall shares from client by giving an advanced notice.

Questions and Answers

What are the benefits of short selling?
Expand the investment alternatives to make money in the down trend.

Diversify the investment portfolio.

Allow investors to do more advanced strategies such as pair trade, arbitrage, and so on

Why does client borrow stocks from KGI?
KGI can offer a variety of shares with the sizable supply of more than 5 billion baht.

KGIs supply are mostly from institutions so the risk of share recalling is minimal.

Why does client have to open 3 accounts?
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires the individual investors to borrow and short sell only in the CB account.

Cash account is for keeping clients information to report to the SET.

SBL account is for keeping clients collateral for SBL transactions.

What is Zero Plus Tick Rule?
The SET allows investor to short sell with Zero Plus Tick Rule, which requires investor to short sell at the price at or more than the last execution price

The borrowing fee calculates from loan value at first borrowing day to the day before borrower returns stock to KGI.

If I have the stocks in my portfolio, can I use those stocks as collateral for SBL?
The stocks can be used as a collateral in CB account. The margin calculation is based on Company Announcement.

For more information, please contact or (+66) 2231-1111 Ext 541-546