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About us

Founded in 1988, the KGI Group is a multi-faceted, pan-Asian financial services group that thrives on providing the highest standards of service to its clients. The KGI Group prides itself on utilizing unsurpassable integrity and professionalism, prudence in its judgments and reliance on the security of a well-resourced institution to provide this service to its clients.

The group's shareholder's equity is over US$1.3 billion and manages assets over US$3.7 billion as of June 2010. Our staff of over 4,500 professionals includes one of the largest salesforces of over 1,500 investment representatives, investment bankers and research analysts, making it the largest team to be found in any Asian financial organization.

With offices in major Asian countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, we are committed to the renewed development and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. We are constantly building the core strength of our regional presence in order to achieve a more efficient capital allocation and to identify more worthwhile investment opportunities.

We offer a wide range of financial products and services under the KGI Group. Our activities encompass regional brokerage services, asset management, corporate finance and direct and private equity investments. In addition to the high caliber investment advice offered by our experienced financial experts, we have specialists skilled in structured products, such as derivatives, fixed income and hybrid products.